Los Medanos de Coro: A breathtaking desert

After taking you on a tour to “Los Roques” now it is time to take you to “Los Medanos de Coro”. It is considered a National park as well since its characteristics are unique in Venezuela. Los medanos de Coro is considered one of the most distinguished landscape of Venezuela since it is the only dessert found in this country. It is located in the state of Falcon and it has an extension of more than 91,000 km. This landscape is basically composed of dunes, known in Spanish as Medanos, and they could reach a height of around 40 meters. According to some scientists that have studied this breathtaking natural monument, what makes this place unique is the formation of these dunes which is a combination of marine currents and constant winds. The marine currents are in charge of bringing the sand that has been stored by the waves to the shore. After the sand gets dry and becomes lighter, it is easy then for the wind to take it deeper into the land of Coro and that is how the sand becomes a “medano”.  Furthermore, the fauna that is found in this place is mainly composed of reptiles such as iguanas due to the climate of this place.  The climate of Los medanos de Coro is one of the warmest of the whole state. The temperatures could vary between 27C and 30C, but there have been cases were the temperatures could be as high as 47C or as low as 16C. Since it is a dessert, rain is very rare to see in a place like this.

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